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Bexhill-On-Sea Santander Connection 0905 960 0219

. Calls cost £1.50 per minute and your phone companies access charge plus a £1.50 connection fee.


Bexhill-On-Sea Santander Contact Number


Santander Bank  Call Connection Number

0905 960 0219

“>Click Here To Call Customer Support 0905 960 0219

Connection Number 0905 960 0219

Please note Calls cost £1.50 per minute and your phone companies access charge plus a £1.50 connection fee.

This website and telephone connection service number is operated by 118 Telecoms is not affiliated with, or operated by, Santander.

This number will reroute you through our call forwarding service to the Santander call center staff who will be more than happy to help with all enquiries.



Santander Near Bexhill-On-Sea

The Bexhill-On-Sea Santander Phone Number can help with:

  • Finding the location of the Santander Bexhill-On-Sea branch.
  • Enquiring about working for Bexhill-On-Sea Santander or the recruitment process.
  • Acquiring HR contact details if you are a Bexhill-On-Sea Santander staff.
  • Finding out how you could get compensation if you have been miss-sold PPI in Bexhill-On-Sea
  • Registering a complaint about the Bexhill-On-Sea Santander service or an employee.


With Santander online banking, you can control any aspect of any of your accounts, at any time, from any place. Simply go online and input all your security information, and you’ll be able to access, view, manipulate and control your accounts, setting up or cancelling payments, making transactions, moving funds or reading statements. No matter what time or place, you’ll have full control of your accounts with Santander online banking.


Santander Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Head Office Lines open 24 hours 7 days a week

Santander Head Office Address

Department Head Office Address
Head Office 2 Triton Square

Regent’s Place, London


United Kingdom

If you are not a Santander customer but you wish to open up an account with them, or you would like to find out more about their range of products, you should visit your local Santander branch in Bexhill-On-Sea and speak to an advisor. If you are an existing Bexhill-On-Sea Santander customer, the best contact methods are either by phoning Santander customer services or writing. The former is best for general enquiries; the latter is better for complaints or notice of account closures. An increasingly popular form of communication is by social media. You can contact Santander by Twitter or Facebook, however these contact methods are not are actively monitored. So for the best results, call Santander or write to them.

Before you dial the Santander phone number into your key pad, write down the account number related to your enquiry, as well as any answers to secret questions. This will ensure Santander can confirm your identity and deal with your enquiry as quickly as possible.  There isn’t a Santander free phone number, so being prepared will also save you money.


About Santander

Santander UK is a subsidiary of the international bank conglomerate owned by the Spanish Santander Group. They have a great reputation of providing high quality service and they are always present to help their customers whenever they arise with a complaint or query.

The UK division of Santander manages all aspects of its operation independent of its Spanish directorate and is entirely responsible for its own performance and success. As one of the UK’s foremost personal finance service providers as well as an established provider of mortgages, savings and personal loans, the bank employs over 20,000 people across Britain to manage over 1100 physical branches and 50 corporate business hubs allowing them to cater to a customer base of over 14 Million.

Formed in 2010, Santander came to be from the merger of Abbey National plc with the savings business and physical infrastructure of Bradford and Bingly, finally absorbing Alliance and Leicester in May 2010 and taking its final form as Santander.

In October 2011, when Santander UK had been in existence for only a year, the credit rating of 12 UK banks and financial firms was downgraded, including that of Santander UK, by Moody, who cited financial weakness. However, by 2012, the same test showed Santander UK to be more financially healthy and solvent than its parent company, Banco Santander.

However, you want information on how to contact Santander Bexhill-On-Sea. Well, you may need to contact Bexhill-On-Sea Santander for any number of reasons, as it is a general services or “universal” bank, that is, a bank that offers any kind of financial service to its customers. So while one customer may have an issue with their current account, another may have trouble with their mortgage and yet another might need to set up corporate or business banking, Santander in Bexhill-On-Sea does it all.

Santander Call Connection Numbers

Santander Bexhill-On-Sea Customer Services
Bexhill-On-Sea Santander General Enquiries
Santander Savings Accounts
Bexhill-On-Sea Santander Helpline
Santander in Bexhill-On-Sea Number


If you want to file a complaint against poor services of Bexhill-On-Sea Santander you can also send a letter to the Santander customer complaint address:

Santander UK PLC,
PO Box 1125,
Bradford BD1 9PG

Please mention in your contact details so that the customer service members can contact you on your mentioned address or contact number as soon as possible.


Santander UK PLC,
PO Box 1125,
BD1 9PG,
United Kingdom.


Bexhill-On-Sea Santander Phone Number
Bexhill-On-Sea Santander Customer Service
Bexhill-On-Sea Santander Telephone Number
Bexhill-On-Sea Santander Opening Times
Bexhill-On-Sea Santander Sort code
Bexhill-On-Sea Santander Contact Details
Santander Near Bexhill-On-Sea 

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