Burnham-On-Sea Nationwide Contact Number 0844 822 9460

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Burnham-On-Sea Nationwide Contact Number 0844 822 9460

Need to call Nationwide in Burnham-On-Sea? Give them a ring via the 0844 822 9460 contact number.

Calls to our 0870 numbers cost 13p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge

This number will reroute you through our call forwarding service to the Nationwide Call Centre staff who will be more than happy to help with all enquiries.

This number will connect you with the HQ call center staff who will be more than happy to help with all enquiries.

Burnham-On-Sea Nationwide Contact Number:

Nationwide Burnham-On-Sea customer service 0844 822 9460
Burnham-On-Sea Nationwide General Enquiries 0844 822 9460
Burnham-On-Sea Nationwide Complaints 0844 822 9460
Current Account Helpline, Nationwide Bank In Burnham-On-Sea 0844 822 9460
Nationwide bank in Burnham-On-Sea Number 0844 822 9460

The Nationwide Burnham-On-Sea Phone Number can help with:

  • Finding the location of the Burnham-On-Sea Nationwide branch.
  • Finding out more about working for Nationwide Burnham-On-Sea or the recruitment process.
  • Finding HR contact details if you are a Nationwide Burnham-On-Sea employee.
  • Finding out how you could get compensation if you have been mis-sold PPI in Burnham-On-Sea.
  • Making a complaint about the Nationwide Burnham-On-Sea service or an employee.

Nationwide is the world’s biggest building society. They run for the benefit of our members and clients. As a building society, it means they are free to reinstate your profits to improve the products and services they offer. They have branches arcoss the UK including one in Burnham-On-Sea.

Nationwide Helpline provides financial services both directly, and through around 700 branches. They are a major provider of both mortgage loans and savings in the UK, as well as personal banking such as loans, credit cards, bank accounts and insurance products.

Nationwide launched the UK’s first internet banking service on 27 May 1997.In 1999, Nationwide started a movement against contentious cash machine charges. People saw results of that campaign in the same year when most of their cash machine withdrawals, from many UK banks, were made free of costs.

Nationwide Customer Service

Dial and accelerate your call by having your Nationwide information ready, such as your debit or credit card, your client number or mortgage account number, and your 6-digit Telephone Banking passnumber, if you are registered for the service.

Nationwide current account contact numbers

Customer services �” UK
0844 822 9460
Burnham-On-Sea Nationwide Customer services 0844 822 9460
Open a new account
0844 822 9460
FlexPlus accounts �” UK
0844 822 9460
Burnham-On-Sea Nationwide Helpline
0844 822 9460
Nationwide In Burnham-On-Sea Contact Helpline
0844 822 9460

Just call 0844 822 9460 to resolve your issue regarding the Nationwide Burnham-On-Sea branch


Nationwide Building Society

Nationwide Building Society has a range of products and services to help you manage your finances. They include current accounts, ISAs, savings accounts, loans, mortgages, credit cards, insurance and investments. If you wish to switch to a Nationwide current account, the process takes just seven days, including transferring payments from your old account to the new one. You can also set up PayM, where you can send and receive payments using just a mobile phone number.

Nationwide is the world’s largest building society and runs for the benefits of their members. Being a building society, they are free to reinvest their profits to improve the products and services they offer. Nationwide has mutual status which means that they are owned by and run for the benefit of the people. Not only is Nationwide the world’s largest building society but they are also one of the largest savings providers in the UK and a top three provider of mortgages in the UK. The company also proves to be a major provider of credit cards, current accounts, and personal loans. Nationwide provides its services to over 12 million members who have access to their online banking service which is a very fast and convenient method of banking. Whatever form of service you use with Nationwide Bank, they will always work according to the customer’s best interests and provide them with great customer service and support. To know more about the company and becoming a part of them you can visit their website. We will discuss in detail the contact numbers, addresses & URLs that can be used to contact customer assistance of Nationwide Bank & also procedure for filing complaints.


Burnham-On-Sea Nationwide Complaints Contact Number

Burnham-On-Sea Nationwide Complaints

Contact Nationwide to make a complaint by calling the phone number listed. Alternatively if you would prefer to write a letter of complaint then you can send them to their dedicated postal address below, please remember not to include any account details other than your full name and address.

The Complaints Team,
Nationwide Building Society,
NW 2020,
SN38 1NW,
United Kingdom.

To get in touch with the automated Nationwide customer service department call on this Nationwide Bank Contact Number which is structured in such a way that you have to select an option to connect to a specific department. Nationwide handles two types of departments: Business and Personal. Nationwide main focus is to provide best customer services in U.K for its customers. That is why Nationwide is able to retain their customers for longer period of time than its rivals. People who are unable to access the phone services can send their query or complaints at Nationwide customer services office, as below:

Nationwide HQ Address:

Nationwide Building Society

Nationwide House

Pipers Way


SN38 1NW

Burnham-On-Sea Nationwide Branch Contact Number




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